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Local: 503-208-9159

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"RNS Consulting helped us prepare for a construction defect arbitration. Mr. Pitts demonstrated professionalism and thoroughness as he conducted the structural investigation of our home. His perfectly prepared reports explained the defects and illustrated a variety of techniques for suitable repair, while he worked with our contractor to estimate those repairs. His testimony during the arbitration was clear and concise. We were fortunate that Mr. Pitts was involved in the process."

Sharon - Newberg

"I was pleased with the time RNS took to explain the engineering to me."

Sue - Lake Oswego

"We were hit by a severe storm and had a mud slide. I called RNS Consulting. Ricardo Pitts answered, and calmed my nerves. He helped me with new retaining walls, and now I don't worry about the earth around our home moving. Thank you so much!"

Janine - Vancouver